Accent Reduction: Introduction
  1. Definition of Terms
    IPA = International Phonetic Alphabet
    GAE = General American English

  2. The Human Voice: A Wind or Electronic Instrument?
  3. Placement, Melody, and Pronunciation
  4. Dialect vs. Character Voice
  5. A “Standard”: “Mid-Atlantic Speech” and British (R.P.)
  6. Styles and Uses of  Dialects and Accents by the Professional Actor
  7. The Most Commercially Viable Dialects and Accents
  8. A 3-Prong Methodology for Learning Dialects
  9. How to Listen, Score, and Practice
  10. Source Material Resources
  11. The International Phonetic Alphabet vs. Respelling
  12. Mastery and Applying the Method to Dialects Not in this Book

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