Accent Reduction: General American English (GAE)

How to talk American:

GAE International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
Vowels, Dihpthongs, & Triphthongs:

[i:] beat, feel, tree, be, ski, easy

[?] bit, Phil, pretty, image

[???] beer, fear, hear, queer, earring

[e?] bait, fail, day, eight

[?] bet, fell, any, Craig, mess

[???] bear, fare, fair, square, caring

[] bat, phallic, infallible, pants, hand, Catholic, apple

[a?] bite, file, might, eye

[a???] buyer, fire, tire, require

[a?] about, foul, mouse, town, Krauss

[a???] flower, shower, scour

[?] Burt, furnace, person, turkey, journey, earth, world

[??] teacher, actor, bluebird, buffer,

[?] abbot, awful, pizza, askew, children, American

[?] butt, fuss, puppy, fuck, love, what, was, nothing, ugly, because

[u:] boot, fool, you, flew, do, truth, Sue

[U] book, full, put, good, could

[U??] boor, Darfur, tour, lure

[o?] boat, foal, so, sew, gross

[?] bought, fall, lawn, applause, cross

[??] boy, foil, destroyed, toys

[???] boring, four, for, course, north, shore

[?] botany, father, not, job, llama, pasta

[???] bar, far, car, starring

Basic Vowels of GA Vowelita.mp3


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